The Cats Meow Rescue
The organization I chose to donate 10 conceptual posters deals with special needs cats who are given a second chance by providing secure and loving homes in their sanctuary program.

The reason why I chose TCMR is because of the lack of representation of special needs cats worldwide. Shelters and other rescues rarely speak on disabled animals, further creating a barrier between them and potential owners. It also further creates an unfamiliarity, stringing along doubt and dislike to these animals by many. Because of this, special needs cats are shunned and are euthanized.

Lately there has been many videos online of other organizations who show the lives of disabled cats in a positive light. Many people have begun to see that disabled cats are cats after all. I thought it was a great approach towards the topic, and the owner of TCMR agreed that she wanted to show them enjoying life. I plan on creating posters that show that these cats are normal cats that do typical cat activities, and that they can live healthy, happy lives.

It is important to show these animals positively rather than to create pity or guilt. This will destigmatize the idea that disabled cats will never live a normal, healthy life. By illustrating cats with disabilities doing what “normal” cats do, it makes people more aware and acceptable of special needs cats. They still sleep, eat, play, and love like any other cat does and that is the message we wish to express.
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I chose to demonstrate disabled cats enjoying life and activities with other disabled cats as well as non disabled cats. TCMR and I wanted to show that special needs cats are happy and can still live normal and healthy lives. I wanted to include them partaking in human activities to help people relate and realize that we are no different than one another. 

If you would like to help the organization and our fellow furry friends, please donate to The Cats Meow Rescue who has done a wonderful job at advocating and caring for all their cats.

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